• Biosynthesis Pathway Of N-Methylpyrrolidine And Construction

    Toluidine alkaloids such as anisodamine and cyperine have important biological activities and clinical medicinal value.These alkaloids are mainly obtained by traditional extraction methods of the original plants, and the microbial heterologous synthesis technology based on synthetic biology provi...
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  • A New Biocatalysis Method For The Synthesis Of 1- Benzyl Oct

    As the skeleton structure of many bioactive natural products and drugs (such as the cough suppressant dexamethadine), moralane can be obtained from the key intermediate 1-benzyl octahydroisoquinoline derivatives by three-step chemical reaction.The synthesis methods of the intermediate include cla...
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  • Synthetic Death By Parp Inhibitors Can Put Cancer Cells

    Although Iniparib has a poor track record of failure, PARP inhibitors have returned to the breast cancer arena after breaking through the ovarian cancer barrier, with Olaparib and Talazoparib succeeding in single-drug therapy for patients with advanced metastatic disease [2-3]. However, in breast...
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