Drived by the rapid development of the global pharmaceutical market, in the context of fierce drug price competition, for the sake of cost control, the API and pharmaceutical intermediates industry has the need to transfer to the developing countries with cost advantages. However, China, India and other developing countries have become the key regions to undertake global API transfer due to their good technical foundation of API and intermediates. The above cost advantages of Chinese enterprises, together with the relative maturity of basic chemical industry and labor supply in China and the complete set of conventional pharmaceutical equipment, constitute the core force of China’s API and pharmaceutical intermediates industry to participate in the global market competition.



The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of China’s national economy, and closely related to people’s health, is an important industry for the construction of a harmonious society. In recent years, the state has taken a number of measures to encourage and promote the healthy development of China’s pharmaceutical industry. Many policy made it clear to demand as the guidance, encourage generic drugs are in short supply in clinical curative effect is necessary, and, encourage generic major infectious diseases prevention and control and rare diseases treatment drugs, promote enterprises to strengthen the research and development of pharmaceutical raw materials and packing materials, using the new material, new craft, new technology, improve the level of quality and so on.



Post time: May-11-2021