Potassium Diformate CAS NO:20642-05-1

The principle of Potassium Diformate for animal growth promotion.

If pigs only feed to promote growth, can not meet the growing needs of pigs nutrients, but also cause a waste of resources. It is a process from inside to outside to improve the intestinal environment to digest and absorb, which is to realize that potassium dicarboxylate can replace antibiotics, and it should be safe and no residue.

The main reason why potassium dicarboxylate is added to pig feed as a growth promoting agent is its safety and antibacterial effect, which are based on its simple and unique molecular structure.

In order to maintain the dynamic balance, potassium ions in animals are constantly exchanged between cells and body fluids. Potassium is the main cation to maintain the physiological activities of cells. It plays an important role in maintaining the normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, participating in the metabolism of sugar and protein, and ensuring the normal function of neuromuscle.

Potassium diformate reduces the content of amine and ammonium in intestine, reduce the utilization of protein, sugar and starch by intestinal microorganism, save nutrition and reduce cost.

It is important to produce green non resistant feed and reduce environmental emissions. Formic acid and potassium formate, the main components of potassium diformate, exist naturally in nature or in pig intestines. They are eventually (oxidized and metabolized in liver) decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, which can be completely biodegraded, reducing the excretion of pathogenic bacteria and animal nitrogen and phosphorus, and effectively purifying the animal growth environment.

Post time: May-31-2021