The collaboration aims to accelerate the development and translation of Yale University’s research and innovation projects to a decision point
Hamilton, New Jersey, December 9, 2020, PR Newswire/-Genesis Biotechnology Group® (GBG) and its CRO division Genesis Drug Discovery & Development™ (GD3) today announced that they have expanded their partnership with Yale University and continue to provide GD3 as a cloth A comprehensive portfolio of pre-clinical services provided by the Lavatnik Innovation Fund winners. This is part of an effort initiated by GD3 in 2018 to provide Yale University researchers with services based on early drug discovery, so that their breakthrough research can enter the market as new drugs and therapies.
Dr. Eli Mordechai, Chief Executive Officer of GBG, said: “We are delighted to be working with Yale University for the second year to accelerate the transition of basic biomedical discoveries to commercialization opportunities.” “Our partnership with Yale University will continue to be The Watnik Foundation and the Yale University Cooperative Research Office have established an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship.”
Dr. Prabal Banerjee, Director of Business Development of GD3, said: “We are very honored to be selected by Yale University as a trusted partner CRO to help entrepreneurial scientists transform their research results into commercial products.” “As the project transitions from discovery to development In the process, the ability to provide integrated services for the project has always assured partners like Yale.”
Funding from the Blavatnik Family Foundation makes this partnership arrangement possible. This multi-year grant supports Yale’s Blavatnik Innovation Fund, which aims to bridge the gap between life science research and business, and to support teachers in applied research and the commercialization of technology. The fund’s recent $25 million pledge has created new opportunities for start-ups and biotech companies.
The Genesis Biotechnology Group (GBG) is a consortium of vertically integrated companies whose mission is to interconnect their expertise, dedication and vision in the field of drug discovery, personalization and tailored clinical diagnostics, and through development Improve patient care, manufacture and distribute unique products based on biotechnology.
GD3 is a fully integrated CRO focused on providing services to support pre-clinical drug discovery programs from early detection to pre-clinical development. GD3′s product portfolio is very diverse, covering all areas of preclinical drug discovery/development, including “discovery biology”, “synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry”, DMPK/in vivo pharmacology and toxicology. The functions of GD3 also include the development of models for a wide range of therapeutic fields, including oncology, ophthalmology, inflammation/autoimmunity, metabolic diseases and microbiome.
Yale University’s Blavatnik Innovation Fund provides Yale University faculty with life science applied research and technology commercialization support. One of the major obstacles discovered by early universities was the lack of funding for proof-of-concept and proof-of-concept research needed to prove commercial potential. To overcome this obstacle, the fund provides financial and business development support to help verify emerging technologies and identify potential industry partners to bring these technologies to the market.
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Almost all Americans who have not retired are worried that they will not have enough savings to live comfortably in retirement. This fear is most common among “uncertain strugglers”, which are the five types of retirement identified by a new study One of the savers. paper.
During the COVID-19 period, Congress issued relevant regulations to help people use retirement accounts to make ends meet. Some only apply to 2020. Others will last longer.
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According to Bloomberg, what happened to the list of technology companies that Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) has moved its headquarters from California: The computer technology giant announced on Friday that it has moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Texas Austin. Oracle is implementing a more flexible employee workplace policy and changing its corporate headquarters from Redwood City, California to Austin, Texas. We believe these moves will put Oracle in the best position in terms of development and provide our employees with more flexibility regarding where and how to use them. CNBC quoted the company’s spokesperson. Oracle believes that by implementing “more modern ways of working”, employees’ quality of life and working methods will be improved. In California, Massachusetts, Denver, Orlando, Oracle’s official documents indicate that Seattle and Florida will continue to operate. Important: Technology pioneers HP Inc (NYSE: HPQ), including automakers Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) and te, have fled California during the pandemic. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: “This has become an absolute trend.” “They are looking for a state that can give them independence, autonomy and freedom to chart their own routes.” He emphasized, doing business. The cost is lower and the tax is less. “I speak with the CEO every week not only in California, but also in full force, because the COVID era has been exposed a lot. They have already exposed…You really don’t have to be in Manhattan, for example, price action: Oracle’s stock price was flat in after-hours trading on Friday, falling 0.017% to close at $60.60. See more information from Benzinga *Click here for Benzinga’s option trading *The U.S. deadline for allowing TikTok transactions has expired and negotiations Continue (C) 2020 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.
Benzinga conducts sentiment surveys every week to find out what traders are most excited about, most interested in, or thinking about when managing and building a personal portfolio. We conducted a survey of more than 300 investors to find out whether they own Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. stock. (NASDAQ: AMD) will reach $200 by 2022. AMD’s stock price was about $91 at the time of launch, which was below its 52-week low of $37. AMD stock forecasts AMD designs and produces microprocessors for the computer and consumer electronics industries. Most of the company’s sales are on CPUs and GPUs. On October 27, AMD reported a 56% year-on-year increase in revenue to $2.8 billion. The chain increased by 45%. AMD attributes performance to its computing and graphics market segments. Given AMD’s demand for microprocessor design and production, 70% of investors told us that they are confident that AMD’s stock price will reach the $200 mark by 2022 . Respondents concluded: “The growing consumer base, the price is more attractive, and the overall performance is better. AMD’s graphics cards are more attractive to ordinary people due to pricing and performance. I believe that with the increase in revenue in 2021 Growth, AMD will grow. Since 2009, Benzinga has been publishing actionable financial news and planning high-quality financial data sets. Today, you will learn more about receiving stock and market data via API The survey was conducted by Benzinga in December 2020, and the respondents were adults over 18 years old. This is completely voluntary and did not provide incentives for potential respondents. The study reflects more than 300 adults The results of the research. More research from Ben Singa *Click here to view Ben Singa’s option trading* Will Microsoft’s stock price reach zero by 2022? *By 2022, Tesla’s stock price will continue Reach 000 (C) 2020 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.
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Elon Musk called on the company to refuel to speed up production. What happened: In an email received by the electric vehicle news site Electrek, the CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stated that the current demand for its products exceeds the capacity of production, which is called a “high-level problem.” . “In order to ensure that we have the best results and win the trust of customers and investors who have confidence in us and hard-won money, we need to increase production. He further added that he will only work when “really important”. This kind of email is sent. Why is it important: This is the second time Musk has dealt with the company’s problems. Employees this month. On December 1, he talked about spending cautiously despite the stock price reaching a new high. The Tesla founder said that investors have confidence in the company’s future profits, and added that if “at any time, they draw a conclusion other than what he pointed out, the profitability of the past year” is very Low”, only about 1%. Tesla plans to deliver 500,000 record cars before the end of the year, price action: Tesla shares closed at $609.99 on Friday, a decline of 2.72%. In after-hours trading, its stock price fell 0.39% to $607.64. Image: Share the image on Elon Musk’s Twitter page. More information from Benzinga *Click here to view Benzinga’s option transaction *As Oracle becomes the latest company to move to Texas, the governor says it has been working with “CEOs across the country” conversation* Buyers of Tesla shorts are still waiting for delivery after 5 months: Financial Times (C) 2020 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.
Trifecta Stocks will identify bearish stocks every Wednesday, and some interesting investment opportunities may appear in the short term. Using technical analysis of these stock charts, and where appropriate, based on the latest operations and ratings provided by TheStreet’s Quant Ratings, we zeroed out the five names. Although we will not consider fundamental analysis, we hope that this book will provide investors interested in stocks with a good starting point for further work on the name.
With hopes for the growth of China’s electric vehicle market, the American depositary receipts of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers soared this year. Now, the pricing of these three companies is perfect, so profit seems to be cautious.
The Fed’s current stimulus package is to provide electricity for household wealth. However, the prospect that housing prices have risen sharply and the Fed will not change its approach is not good, causing trouble for those who wish to buy a house.
SolarEdge, Twilio, Innovative Industrial Properties, EXP World and AMD are the five top stocks to watch until the wild end of 2020.
*The cover story of “Barron’s Weekly” this weekend provides reasons to profit from Chinese electric car manufacturers. *Other feature articles discuss who will be hurt if Chinese companies delist, market prospects and money management trends, and lessons learned from crazy IPOs. *In addition, the prospects for auto insurance companies, two old stocks that are still growing, and a semiconductor company abandoned by the iPhone maker. “NIO, XPeng and Li are not the next generation of Tesla. Al Root (Al Root) put forward a reason, that is, the Chinese electric car manufacturer Li Auto Inc. (NASDAQ: LI), Nio Inc ( New York Stock Exchange: NIO) and Xpeng Inc (NYSE: XPEV) stocks are now perfectly priced, and profits appear to be prudent. “Delisting Chinese companies may be detrimental to investors. But this is the right approach.” This indicates that Chinese companies that do not comply with US auditing and accounting standards may start on US exchanges. Does this include Alibaba Group Holdings Limited (NYSE: BABA)? Andrew Barry Pointing out that “Mercury’s generally high yield of 5.4% is just one of the many charms of auto insurance companies”, he pointed out that the auto insurance company Mercury General Corporation (New York Stock Exchange: MCY) provides investors with substantial profits. After the 99-year-old founder passed away, they waited for a potential sale of the company. BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK) President Rob Kapito shared his views on the market Views and perspectives on the megatrends of currency management Leslie P. Norton looked at the next development direction of the world’s largest money management company in the “BlackRock Stock Outlook President”. In Jack · In Jack Hough’s “Starbucks and Disney can still provide investors with growth”, look at the two old leaders, Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) and Walt Disney (NYSE) Code: DIS) How it was established. Last week, I set ambitious goals on Investor Day. Identifying the strong backing of each stock can still bring investors growth. EricJ. Savitz’s “Nine Crazy IPOs One Week After “Lessons” pointed out that even after AirBnB Inc (NASDAQ: ABNB), DoorDash Inc (NYSE: DASH) and other stocks have soared, there are 500 other unicorns that have recently entered the market (that is, their market capitalization exceeds $1 billion private company) is waiting. See also: Benzinga’s bull and bear market this week: Boeing, Netflix, Nike, Starbucks, etc. index funds that track the S&P 500 index, as well as index-based With trillions of actively managed funds, many investors may be forced to buy shares of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) at an inflated price. Why joining the S&P 500 index is a problem for many investors. “At” Dominion Energy’s dividend cuts show the danger of high debt,” Lawrence C. Strauss examined how Dominion Energy Inc (NYSE:D) “overexpanded.” A portfolio manager and analyst. It should also be ascertained why analysts are optimistic about the dividend nobility (the company has increased its dividend for 25 consecutive years). Eric J. Savitz’s “Qualcomm stock plummeted, reporting that Apple will build its own modern chip.” The development of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) modems does pose a risk to Qualcomm (NYSE: QCOM) investors, but this is not a new risk: Apple has also recently chosen to produce its own microcomputers for Mac laptops. processor. In this week’s Barron’s: *Investment advice from poker stars and behavior experts *Common behavioral mistakes derail retirement *Why be wary of star-backed SPACs *How to invest in a rebounding market *Soaring IPO Why not boost the market is great * Saudi Arabia is another channel for IPOs * Will natural gas prices continue to rise * Testimonials from business leaders and cultural influencers * Five types of retirement savers * Knowing Brexit is almost her business now *Why iconic rock songs have suddenly become popular commodities At the time of writing, the author has no place in the above-mentioned stocks. Follow Benzinga on Twitter to learn about all the latest major news and trading ideas. Image courtesy: Jengtingchen via Wikimedia to see more from Benzinga *Click here to see options trading from Benzinga *Significant insider buying from insider trading in the past week: Avis budget, biotech IPO, and more* Benzinga’s bull market this week: Boeing, Netflix, Nike, Starbucks, etc. (2020) Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.
It is easy to buy stocks, but it is difficult to buy the right stocks without a time-tested strategy. So, what is the best stock to buy or put on the watch list now?
Internet company stocks are loss-making, money-burning, and crazy-priced Internet games. Nowadays, a large number of thermal inventories are innovative companies. The common denominator of the two is: stratospheric market valuation.
During a busy week of dividend announcements, large American companies such as Abbott, Campbell Soup, Zoetis, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Broadcomm said they plan to increase their dividends.
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Jim Cramer said in CNBC’s “Crazy Lightning Round” that he would own Tortoise Energy Infrastructure (NYSE: TYG), and warned that he did not know what was in it because it was a holding company. the company. Ltd-ADR (NASDAQ: NNDM), Cramer will acquire HP Inc (NYSE: HPQ). He believes that 3D printing is a crowded field, and Cramer will shelve United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UAL) because he expects several bad quarters. He said that he would not chase this stock. He said that NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) is doing very well and will continue to hold the stock. FastlyInc (NYSE: FSLY) performed well, but did not perform well. He said it turned out that TikTok was too much, and the company needed to regain its rewards. Jingdong (NASDAQ: JD) performed well, so Kramer began to pick up the stock. He also believes that the relationship between the United States and China will improve. Kramer will replace Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY) instead of VIATRIS ORD (NASDAQ: VTRS). View more information from Benzinga * Click here to view options trading from Benzinga * “Half-time report” traders see the upside of Caterpillar, General Motors and Honeywell * Scott Nations: Focus on Benzinga in 2020 .com bullish copper data in a week. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.
If you want to see to what extent this year’s crisis has caused financial panic among the middle class, then look no further. In a recent survey, one-third of respondents said that their cash reserves were insufficient to deal with emergencies. Only one-third of households in the United States live in households with an annual income of more than $100,000 (the U.S. Census says, at least).
After the recent gains in the past 7 days, both gold and silver have turned negative again and may return to the recent lows reached in early trading on Monday, November 30.
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In 2020, biotechnology will become the focus. According to Wall Street analysts, there are several biotech stocks that may generate outstanding returns in the near future. However, it should be noted that many of these stocks are risky because they are largely affected by any news related to their key drug development and regulatory approvals. To this end, we will use TipRanks’ stock comparison tool to place BioXcel Therapeutics and TG Therapeutics coexisting, and select biotech stocks that provide higher returns. BioXcel Therapeutics (BTAI) BioXcel is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that uses artificial intelligence to develop drugs in the fields of neuroscience and immuno-oncology. This is our clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Currently, the company does not have any revenue because it does not have any approved drugs on the market. Having said that, analysts are still paying close attention to the company’s two main drug candidates, BXCL501 and BXCL701. BXCL501 is an oral dissolution film formulation of a popular sedative Dexmedetomidine, which is used in the later development to treat schizophrenia and schizophrenia. Restlessness caused by neuropsychiatric diseases. Bipolar disorder. At the same time, BXCL701 is being developed in combination with other immuno-oncology drugs to treat rare forms of prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. On December 7, BioXcel announced that it has received funding from the US Department of Defense to evaluate BXCL501 suffering from post-traumatic responses related to alcohol and drug abuse. Patients with irritable disorders. This will be the first time BioXcel has studied BXCL501 as a potential chronic treatment. In the latest update, Ram Selvaraju of HC Wainwright said: “Dex [Dexmedetomidine] is a complete agonist. Compared with other receptors, CNS [central nervous system] has a higher penetration rate and a higher intrinsic activity of the receptor. α- 2 Receptor agonists, including clonidine and guanfacine, are only partial agonists. Therefore, BXCL501 may be a valuable treatment option for reducing the hypersympathetic response of PTSD patients, and may become the first-line chronic treatment option for PTSD patients.” BXCL501 has been granted the fast-track designation for acute treatment by the FDA for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dementia patients. After obtaining good results in the “Quiet Phase 3″ clinical trial, the company successfully completed the NDA (New Drug Application) together with the FDA Meeting to treat BXCL501 for the treatment of acute agitation in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Moreover, the FDA has agreed to a rolling review of the NDA, and the company has submitted part of the NDA. BTAI plans to submit a complete application in the first quarter of 21. Selvaraju believes that, assuming the NDA is submitted on time, BXCL501 may be approved in the United States by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The five-star analyst caught the attention of investors, and BXCL501 is also being developed to treat acute irritation in hospitalized patients (including COVID-19 patients). Taking into account the multiple additional applications of BXCL501, Selvaraju sees that there are abundant channels for a single drug candidate product, so it reiterated its buy rating with a target price of US$175 (306% potential). Currently, the average price target on Wall Street is $115, which is lower than Selvaraju’s estimate, but still shows that its potential upside potential is about 167% in the coming months. So far, the stock has risen 195%. In general, BioXcel reached a consensus on “Strong Buy” analysts based on 3 consistent purchase results. TG Therapeutics (TGTX) TG Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of new therapies for B cell malignancies and autoimmune diseases. Due to many favorable pipeline updates, TGTX’s stock price has soared by more than 280% this year. Currently, the company’s two research compounds ublituximab and umbralisib (collectively referred to as U2) are in phase III clinical development, and ublituximab for patients is also involved in the phase III clinical development of multiple sclerosis. On December 10, the company announced Its Ultimate I and II Phase 3 studies evaluated the positive results of Ublituximab as a single-agent treatment for multiple sclerosis, and its stock price soared 41%. TG Therapeutics revealed that both studies reached their primary endpoints and ublituximab demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in the average annual recurrence rate within 96 weeks. The company said it will conduct further analysis of the Ultimate I and II studies, including safety and secondary endpoints, and will provide detailed data at the upcoming medical conference in the first half of 2021. In addition, the company expects that the data from these studies will be used to support the submission of a Biologics license application (BLA) for ublituximab for multiple sclerosis in mid-2021. The favorable update prompted HC Wainwright analyst Edward White to set the price target from $38. Significantly increased to 61 US dollars. The five-star analyst reiterated TG Therapeutics’ buy rating because he believes that ublituximab is more likely to succeed in multiple sclerosis. In his research report to investors, White stated: “The trial was conducted under the SPA [Special Agreement Agreement]] to make us more confident that BLA will succeed. We do not expect any problems with CMC because the company has already submitted this part to the FDA along with CLL. Importantly, TG plans to price ublituximab strategically to increase patient accessibility. “” TG is currently in the early stages of talking with the payer. We still expect ublituximab to gain market share due to its more convenient infusion time. For ublituximab in MS, we estimate sales of $36 million in 2022 and $601 million in 2028,” White added. (See TGTX stock analysis on TipRanks) Wall Street reflects White’s optimism at 5 Supported by this consensus purchase, Strong Buy analysts reached a consensus. In view of the rapid rise of the stock, the target price of $54.20 means that the potential upside for the coming year is 28.2%. The conclusion is obviously based on the optimism of the main candidates, Wall Street The prospects of BioXcel and TG Therapeutics are very optimistic. However, the triple-digit upside potential of BioXcel stock makes it more compelling than TG Therapeutics. Investors should carefully consider all risks associated with investing in emerging biotech stocks, including failure to Obtaining regulatory approvals for promising drugs, funding needs, and competition from pharmaceutical giants. To find a good idea for stock trading with attractive valuations, please visit TipRanks’ “Best Buy Stocks”, a newly launched tool that can be Combine all TipRanks stock insights together. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of unique analysts only. The content is for reference only. It is very important to conduct your own analysis before making any investment.
The electric vehicle market has changed from a market focused on cars to a market that is now addressing trucks, vans and long-range semi-trailers. Can a tractor be the next one? Getting started with Ideanomics: Small company Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) invests in financial technology and electric vehicle companies. In November last year, Ideanomics increased its stake in Solectrac, one of its portfolio companies, to 24%. “We want to play an important role,” CEO Alf Poor said at the Benzinga Global Small Cap Conference last week. Poole said in the press release announcing the increase in shares, “Solectrac has great potential. In view of their increased interest in product inquiry and investment, we have exercised the right to increase shares, so we can help Solectrac expand to meet the expected market. Demand related links: As the volatility continues, the price of Ideanomics has returned to a key level. About Solectrac: The global agricultural tractor industry has an output value of 75 billion US dollars. Solectrac claims to be the first in North America to provide 100% battery-powered all-electric tractors The company offers three electric tractor models, the fourth of which is in the design stage. The sales price of eUtility tractors in North America is US$45,000 and the international price is US$49,500. The battery life of eUtility is 4 to 8 hours. Charge to 80% in 3 hours. Poor said at the Benzinga Global Small Business Conference that the company is cooperating with OEMs to introduce large tractors to North America and Europe. Solectrac’s home country, California, accounted for 12.5% ​​of Poole’s in October The company’s letter wrote that American agricultural production. The company can use Ideanomic’s operations in China to reduce costs and make the motor and battery supply chain more efficient. He said: “The prospect of electric tractors has never been brighter, Poor wrote. Increase competition: Solectrac is not the only player in this field. Monarch Tractor plans to bring an all-electric automatic tractor to the market in 2021. Monarch Tractor starts at $50,000. Electrek calls the tractor “a smart electric tractor that changes the rules of the game,” and the driver can choose. CNHIndustrial (NYSE: CNHI) is developing clean energy products in the tractor market. The company has a zero-emission electric backhoe excavator called Project Zeus, and it also hopes to provide hydrogen power for certain vehicles. Over the years, Deere & Company (NY) has demonstrated several prototypes of electric or automatic tractors, but has not yet released a price action: the share price of Ideanomics has risen by more than 140% year to date. Picture from Solectrac. See more images from Benzinga *Click here to view Benzinga’s option trading* Benzinga Global Small Cap Conference Day Two Review: Conceptual Economics, LiveXLive, Electric Vehicles and more (C) 2020 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. all rights reserved.
This week, a series of economic data and the Fed’s annual final Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting will be the focus.

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