Feed additive: Tributyrin

Content: 95%, 90%

Tributyrin as a feed additive to bring improvement in gut health in poultry.

Phasing out of the antibiotics as growth promoters from poultry feed recipes has increased the interest for alternative nutritional strategies, for both increasing poultry performance as well as protecting against pathological disturbances.

Health benefits of Tributyrin
Tributyrin is a precursor of butyric acid that allows more molecules of butyric acid to be delivered into the small intestine directly because of the esterification technic. Thereby, the concentrations are two to three times higher than with conventional coated products. Esterification allows three butyric acid molecules to be bound to glycerol which can only be broken by endogenous pancreatic lipase.
Li et. al. set up an immunological study to find the beneficial effects of tributyrin on pro-inflammatory cytokines in broilers challenged with LPS (lipopolysaccharide). LPS usage is widely recognized to induce inflammation in studies like this since it activates inflammatory markers such as IL (Interleukins). On days 22, 24, and 26 of the trial, broilers were challenged with an intraperitoneal administration of 500 μg/kg BW LPS or saline. Dietary tributyrin supplementation of 500 mg/ kg inhibited the increase of IL-1β & IL-6 suggesting that its supplementation is able to reduce the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and thus minimize gut inflammation.



Post time: Jun-04-2021