According to a peer-reviewed Danish study, elevated levels of PFAS compounds are associated with a more severe form of Covid-19. This study involved 323 patients infected with the coronavirus and found that those with elevated levels of a chemical called PFBA were more than twice as likely to develop this serious disease.
PFBA is one of a class of industrial compounds, often referred to as “eternal chemicals”, which have polluted soil, water and food all over the world. It is considered relatively safe because it has a much shorter residence time in human blood than other compounds in this category and is a shorter molecule. These two characteristics are considered to be signs of harmlessness. The PFBA created by 3M is based on a four-carbon chain and disappeared from human blood in just a few days. It has been in use, and PFOA based on eight carbons has been retained in human blood for many years and has been phased out since 2015.
Although PFBA drains blood relatively quickly, it accumulates in the lungs, which probably explains the results of the Danish study. The lead author of the study, Philippe Grandjean, said: “Probably the most important thing is lung disease, because that is the source of the Covid-19 war.” Grandjean’s study involved 323 Covid-19 patients, 215 of them Hospitalized. The researchers analyzed the presence of five PFAS compounds in the blood of these patients and found that only perfluorobutyric acid or PFBA was related to the severity of the disease. More than half of people with severe Covid-19 have elevated plasma PFBA levels, while less than 20% of people with mild diseases have elevated plasma PFBA levels.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not include PFBA when monitoring the blood levels of various PFAS compounds. But it is obvious that this chemical substance is not only widespread in some areas, but also especially elevated. A study conducted by 3M in 2005 showed that 20 of 36 pooled blood samples from the general population contained PFBA. A recent study by the Minnesota Department of Health shows that the level of the compound has increased in the eastern metropolitan area near the 3M factory in the suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Martin. Paul also found this chemical in other parts of the world, including Vietnam, Jordan, Thailand and Japan. PFBA was also found near a 3M factory in Decatur, Alabama, near the Tennessee River, and a 3M factory in Cordoba, Illinois. It has been found in foods including turnips, peas, tomatoes and lettuce.
PFBA is used in electronic products; clothing, including waterproof jackets; protective equipment for medical staff and firefighters, such as surgical gowns; fire-fighting foam; carpet floor polish laboratory equipment; leather processing; food packaging; cosmetics, including body lotions and foundations , Concealer, eye shadow, powder; according to a recently published paper on the previously unknown use of the chemical, the product also includes a bicycle lubricant.
According to the regulations of the Minnesota Department of Health, the chemical has set safety limits. In animal experiments, PFBA can cause liver and thyroid changes, as well as red blood cell reduction, cholesterol reduction and delayed eye opening. A department of the Environmental Protection Agency, called the Integrated Risk Information System, or IRIS, is evaluating the hazards of PFBA and plans to release its report in the first quarter of next year. In soliciting comments, 3M mentioned “Intercept” in a statement on its website, which stated that “the available scientific evidence does not support the causal relationship between PFAS exposure and COVID-19 health outcomes.”
Previous research by Grandjean has shown that higher levels of PFAS in children are related to weaker responses to various vaccines-and he is worried that the same is true for the Covid-19 vaccine.
“I think what we have seen before will likely happen again,” he said of the vaccine currently being developed for Covid-19. He said that communities with increased levels of industrial pollution should give special consideration when distributing vaccines. “They may need more than the 1 or 2 photos recommended to everyone else because their antibody production may be inhibited.”
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